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27 May 2011 @ 11:20 am
Wow it's actually here.  
It's been quite a while since I last made an entry. The move and uni had made life infinitely busier.
Tonight is finally the start of an awesome weekend before exams. Firstly Cez, Bianca, HB and I are going to a booze cruise. The next day we are going to a warehouse sale and then a friend's birthday party. Afterward we are planning on getting drunk in the park on Saturday night. It may sound simple but it took a month to plan this and gain my parent's approval, which wasn't easy considering the fact I have no job and had to basically stop using my measly weekly allowance to fund this thing.
Since the whole day encompasses Friday night and all-day Saturday, I will be staying at HB's house for two days. Initially I kind of invited myself to stay for the night of the cruise, but then when a mutual friend decided to have her birthday party the following day he invited me to stay the next night.
The fact that I live so faraway is simultaneously  a pro and a con. Pro in terms that I basically have no choice but to stay over at a friend's or the boyfriend's when we have outings like these and my parents have to accept that, unless they feel like picking me up from the station at 2am on a Friday night. It's con because that limits how often I can go out.
It is daunting, sleeping over at HB's because it will be the first time in my life I ever stay over at a guy's place. I told my parents that I will be at Cez's house just to keep them happy. I hope they never have a reason to actually check up on me during the 2 nights.
I couldn't believe my mum when she offered to give me some food in case Cez's mum doesn't cook or if they had no food at all (She thinks I am staying over at Cez's). I was considering her offer because I don't think HB will have enough food for both of us, being a student living in a share house. Plus I don't feel like spending my money on breakfasts or lunches. All the money I have is just for the warehouse sale and the birthday dinner. I decided against my mum's idea because I thought it would seem rude.

I have a job interview soon so I am also nervous. Wish me luck!
Current Mood: excitedexcited