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02 April 2011 @ 02:11 pm
TMI Fridays  
Went out again with the gang. I am really becoming a bad girl aren't I? The same disorganised outing where we can never decide what to do so instead we walk around a lot which was a challenge for me wearing heeled boots. Still it was a lot of fun.
Some highlights and lowlights
-We watched the video of Cez's b'day. Around the same time Georgia and her girlfriend came over to chat with Nick. Unfortunately her girlfriend, Catherine recognised Frank and was very upset and angry about it, thinking Cez took advantage of him. lol We suspected she had a crush on Frank who is gay.
-Realising that Catherine and Frank are also Cez's parents' names
-Being stalked by free Palestine and the Israel protesters
-Meeting Florence and her bf for the first time together
-Cez doing her level best to embarrass me in front of HB by asking whether he lost his v-card, number of gfs he had, whether we had spooned or not. Mentioned the fact that I had a double bed and that I like to hug people in my sleep. Almost told everyone I had tic tacs because I wanted to kiss HB. Luckily Other Friend stopped her just in time.*facepalm*
-Cez wanted to go to a gay and lesbian sex talk with Randy but she won't in order to maintain her straightness. Saying how the group will be awkward without her.
-Me trying to kiss HB whenever the others weren't looking or giving them greasies every time they caught us. By the end of the night I didn't care.
-The gang thought I was drunk or high for some reason when we were playing pool.
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