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5 March
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I am Naz, 19 living in Melbourne, Australia. I have a shocking memory so I use this journal to remember stuff better.

You are welcome to friend me! As I am always on the lookout for fans of Boosh,Ed Byrne,Jon Richardson and New Doctor Who

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80s music, abofal, absolute power, adam lambert, agatha christie, alan partridge, all things british, andy lee, architecture, armstrong & miller, armstrong and miller, baldrick, bbc sherlock, being human, ben miller, benedict cumberbatch, black adder, black books, blackadder, bollo, books, bradley james, british comedy, british humor, british shows, british tv, castle, chai, charlie brooker, chas licciardello, chaser's war on everything, chris addison, colin morgan, colours, comedy, cooking, criminal minds, cumberbitch, daniel radcliffe, darkplace, david mitchell, david tennant, design, doctor who, donna noble, dylan moran, ed byrne, edna fry, fashion, fry and laurie, garth marenghi's darkplace, girls aloud, goth detectives, graphic design, green wing, hamish blake, harry potter, heavy metal, hntlyl, hot fuzz, howard moon, hugh laurie, inbetweeners, intelligence, it crowd, iwan rheon, james morrison, jeeves and wooster, jimmy carr, john robbins, jon richardson, julian barratt, kingdom, lauren cooper, life on mars, martin freeman, matt smith, matthew gray gubler, maurice moss, merlin, mighty boosh, misfits, misfits e4, mitchell & webb look, mock the week, modern family, monty python, motherchucker, moutarde, murder mysteries, naboo, nathan young, never mind the buzzcocks, noel fielding, old gregg, p.g. wodehouse, panel shows, peep show, physics, pizza, poirot, psych, qi, richard ayoade, richmond avenal, robert sheehan, robert webb, rory williams, rowan atkinson, rupert grint, russell brand, russell howard, scientific theories, sherlock, sherlock holmes, simon amstell, simon bellamy, skepticism, skins, spaced, spanish inquisition, stand up, stephen fry, tardis, the chasers, the doctor, the eleventh doctor, the goth detectives, the hitcher, the hobbit, the inbetweeners, the it crowd, the mighty boosh, the office, the ood, the tenth doctor, the thick of it, the velvet onion, tim minchin, time-travel, tofop, tony harrison, vince noir