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22 June 2011 @ 01:14 am
Not again...  
Cez has done it again. She is effectively turning us all against her.
She loves to point out how in the aftermath of her fall out with Randy, she has lost all her new friends at school and he has managed to remain on good terms with everyone but her. To think of it, there has to be a valid reason on why they choose him over Cez. He also started going to school there this year so they have been friends with everyone for approximately the same period of time.
She loves to guilt trip me, Smile and Akuot about everything from having a boyfriend, not wearing plus size clothes to getting along with Randy and the group. It's been a month and she still won't stop complaining to us, expecting our full sympathy. Normally whenever she would spout rubbish about her abandonment and her issues we would try to say some reassuring just to move on because everyday it's the same fucking monologue. She's never happy with the friends she has, even they had stuck with her for so long and put up with her even when she treated us badly over the years. I think she needs to understand how it feels. And when she rants, what's the point of saying anything when she wouldn't listen to us? Yet when we don't respond she gets all indignant and demands we say something to comfort her. It's such selfish behaviour. If you can't learn from past mistakes or refuse to do anything to better her current situation what's the point of reply? She doesn't understand that there is so much we can take before it gets on our collective nerves. Today, I first asked her if she wanted to meet up tomorrow, when she didn't reply I asked Randy instead. Unlike her, he quickly replied and said yes. I hoped she didn't see me asking the others to join too because things are still awkward between them. Instead Cez invited herself to join us after she read the post on FB and got all upset when I told her that Randy was coming. Blubbering on how we have turned against her and that she needs us in her hour of need and decided not to come and acted all butt-hurt over it. I think I want to stick to my original resolution to cut her out of my life.  
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