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30 May 2011 @ 06:11 pm
The Weekend  
I had an eventful and fun weekend, perfect for winding down after finishing my first semester in uni.
Went to uni and then my job interview (didn't get the job sadly). Finally went to HB"s place to dump my things and we went to meet up with Cez and Bianca together. It was hilarious how Cez and Bianca unintentionally wore coordinating outfits, they seemed a bit overdressed for a uni event too. HB and I kind of coordinated our outfits too. All he had to do was wear a red scarf.
We told the two to meet us at 5 but they didn't turn up until 6 for some reason. Then Cez wanted to get some pre-drinks and we bought a nice and cheap vodka to keep her happy, we barely drank any of it cause it was confiscated by security and never got it back. I drank very little but the gang was convinced I was drunk. We took lots of photos on the cruise. HB and I have squinty eyes so in half of them either he or I have half closed eyes in the photos. This is my one my favourite photos of the night.
During the booze cruise I had 2 drinks that curiously coordinated with my outfits and HB and I actually danced together! He has is an awkward white guy dancer but I like that he actually made the effort.
After the cruise, We went our separate ways as HB and I went home and Cez along with Bianca went to the after party with some random guys they meet on during the party.
HB and I originally planned to go to a warehouse sale early next morning, but we were so tired, we opted to sleep in until we had to get up and get ready for a friend's birthday party. Cez wanted us to join her, Bianca, Smile and Other Friend because she was unsure at the time whether she should go to the dinner party or not. Frank luckily convinced her to go at the last minute. I felt tat the party was a bad idea and  wanted to leave as soon as I got there, but I didn't because HB, Randy, Hope and Jordan were there. I just couldn't be bothered talking to anyone at all. Unfortunately HB noticed that, so that wasn't cool. When Cez turned up so we talked about stuff only we knew about. While Randy and I tried to out weird each other saying random things and posting odd statuses on his FB. Then we went to a park in the area to bash up the pinata and the birthday girl got caked in the face and we ran around the park with sparklers and party horns. Making a cacophony. Since it was a 17th birthday party, most of the people were underage therefore HB, Cez, Jordan and I were given money to buy booze. After awhile we decided to go to the birthday girl's house to drink. We took the bus to her place and she also flashed her boobs at the bus driver. It was freaking chaos. At first Cez decided not to drink because she was upset and felt unwanted at the party because there has been tension between her and birthday girl lately. However after birthday girl and Cez made up, she let me, HB and Cez stay over with the others who originally planned to stay over. Then Cez sculled the vodka like mad while the others were running around the house acting crazy. Hope and I were the most sober people in the house before the birthday girl returned to her senses who told me to hide the remaining bottle of vodka just in case.

Even in my sober state I missed a lot things that allegedly took place during the night. Cez tried all night to talk to Randy because she feels that he doesn't care about her and she is still angry about the fact that she bothered to look out for him on the night of her birthday while that night he didn't return the favour. Then someone dragged her away from him and then the birthday girl's girl friend told everyone that Cez said that was glad about Randy's mental issues.

Cez drunk called Other Friend and I gave her live updates about what was happening. We talked for about 15 minutes cause it was a mobile line and I didn't want to waste Cez's credit. The end result was not pretty as Cez made friends with the toilet and kept talking very loudly and telling everyone how she loved us all. HB and I had to look after her and make sure she was safe. The way he handled Cez was amazing. We spent an hour forcing her to vomit it all out and then clean up the toilet and put her to bed. It was impressive to watch HB do all this with little help from me while he was drunk himself. Since HB and I only wore our fancy clothes to the dinner party we had to sleep practically  in our underwear and I borrowed some clothes from birthday girl, though they didn't stay on very long. Not that were doing anything too bad.
Meanwhile a guy named Daniel and Zoe started making out and went to another room to have sex. So during the night everyone went up to their room to listen to them having sex. Guys seem easily attracted to Zoe. 
The next morning Cez, HB and I left together cause I needed to go home asap and birthday girl asked Cez to leave. Unfortunately my mum refused to pick me up from the station so I went home on my own on a Sunday carrying a heavy overnight bag. Took me almost 2 hours to get home this way from HB's house.
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