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06 February 2011 @ 02:12 am
I have already mentioned how irritating Cez has been lately. So after I noticed a fb fight between her and Bianca, I started chatting with her, hoping she would understand how I felt about Cez's recent attitude. At least we had a mutual understanding about how we both were frustrated with her.

She asked me to join them on group outings more and so on. I mainly have two reasons for not going though; the lack of money and sometimes that group can be incredibly obnoxious. 

Luckily I managed to ask Cez to come over to my house for the BBQ, to see the full extent of the damage and whether she was exaggerating and being melodramatic again. Just when she was turning a new leaf and possibly getting better. Bianca started begging me to go to a Usher concert with her. I was like WTF?! We barely spoke to each other in high school and I am not that great fan of Usher's to bother going to his concert. I tried as tactfully as I could to say no. I honestly was not interested and it even if its was something I was genuinely interested I wouldn't just go on a whim, If I going to a live event, it's more likely to be a stand up gig than a pop concert.

I have been so stringent with money, I even passed on the upcoming Tim Minchin gig, just for the Melbourne comedy festival. But she won't relent and kept on begging me to go with her. She has no shame... we barely know each other.
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